Coronavirus update

In light of Governor Abbott’s recent announcement regarding Phase Two of reopening churches and businesses, we are presenting a plan to our leadership and staff to reopen FUMC Graham. The date will be announced once the plan is approved by our leadership.


We have chosen a more cautious approach to reopening and will continue to make the safety and well being of our congregation and community our main priority.

The reopening plan includes a gradual, careful and intentional effort beginning with worship only in the first phase. We are committed to abiding by all the recommendations regarding social distancing, not exceeding 50% of our capacity and implementing protective measures to ensure the health and safety of our people.

As we begin with a Phase One reopening of our worship services, we understand that some people will decide to continue remaining at home for the time being. We certainly understand and encourage everyone to use their best judgement in deciding when and how to return. We will

continue to make the services available online.

Following Phase One and reopening worship only, other ministries and programs will be evaluated as to when and

how they will return based on current information.

The plan also includes a deep and thorough cleaning of our facilities, training for staff, ushers and greeters and initiating systematic changes to how we will host worship considering the medical and health concerns.

Pending approval of the plan we will announce next week the date for the worship only reopening. We miss you. We love you. The church is emerging from this stronger, more faithful and more grateful than ever.


God bless and watch over all of us until we can be together again.


Rev. Ben Disney