Sunday, November 22

Thanksgiving Services

giving thanks in hard and difficult times

A pandemic, financial uncertainty, a divided nation, and racial unrest. In a constant stream of bad news reports and negative stories, it’s easy to lose hope and lose sight of the good around us. Maybe now more than ever, we need to hear and proclaim good news. On November 22 we want you to help us change the narrative and reclaim our voice and our faith. Thanksgiving is more than sharing a family meal. It’s the tradition of genuinely giving thanks to God for all the blessings of life. We are inviting you to share what you’re thankful for in one or two sentences during a special time in our morning worship services. Microphones will be positioned in various places throughout the sanctuary. Everyone who wishes to participate is invited to step forward and say a sentence or two about what they’re thankful for and how God has blessed their lives. The brevity of one or two sentences will allow everyone to participate. Imagine a constant and steady stream of faithful people declaring to the world how blessed they are and giving thanks to God! In our church, even in these hard and difficult times, we count our blessings! 


Worship Services & TImes

Traditional Worship Service - 8:45 am

Blended Worship Service - 10:50 am

Chapel Service - 6:30 pm

Sunday School for all ages - 9:45 am