Holy Week Devotional for

children's ministries

Here is a daily devotional for Palm Sunday Sunday through Easter Sunday.  Every day pick a time to sit down with your family, read the passage and say a prayer.  God bless you all!  We miss you and can't wait for the day to worship with you again!

Palm Sunday: Mark 11:1-11

Decorate your palm branches and send us a picture or video of your family processing with the palms!

Dear God, We spread out our branches today in honor of your son Jesus.  Counting our blessings as we are with our loved ones worshipping you.  Lord as it is written, “Hosanna, Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord".   Amen

Monday: Matthew 26:14-16

Can you name the 12 Disciples! Send your video!

Dear God, we too can be your disciples.  Show us how.  Give us wisdom and strength to serve you fully.  Amen

Tuesday: Matthew 26:17-19, 26-28

What does taking communion mean to you? Send your video!

Dear God, during this time while we are homebound, may we see the gift of being in communion with one another.  May we be led by the guiding light of your love.  Amen

Wednesday: John 13:3-17

Name ways we can still serve others through this time of being homebound.  Send us your video.

Dear God, serving others is what we are all called to do.  Make me an instrument of service to others.  With open arms I come with comfort, tenderness and hope for others.  Show me the way God.  Amen

Maundy Thursday: John 19:1-4

Go outside and pick up twigs in your yard.  See how big of a pile you can make.  Jesus carried a heavy load for you and me. 

Send your video.

Dear God, your son sacrificed so that we could live.  Thank you Lord for your mercies that are new every single day.  We love you. Amen

Good Friday: John 19:16-30

Color your crosses.  Tape them to your front door or your window for all to see that you are a Christian, that you believe that Jesus was the son of God! Send your video.

Dear God, Jesus gave up his life. How can we use our lives to live out Jesus’ commands?  Today is hard, for we know what happened on Good Friday.  Give us the patience to wait for the celebration of Easter.  Today though, as it is written, “ It is complete”.

Holy Saturday: Matthew 27:57-61

Paint a rock with an Easter message or design.  Send video!

Dear God, as we focus on you, let us look at the beauty all around us.  Easter is coming.  Jesus is coming. Amen!

Easter Sunday: Matthew 28:1-10

Go outside and Shout Christ is Risen, Christ is Risen indeed!

Send video!