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giving2It seems that everyone has a different definition or understanding of stewardship.  Many times the focus is solely upon putting money in the offering plate, but the biblical understanding of stewardship is much larger.  Stewardship includes not only how we use our financial resources but how we use all of the gifts that compose our lives.  Being a "steward" means being a person of faith who takes care of the gifts given to us by God and using those gifts in a way that honors the giver.


Good stewardship means doing the best we can with all God has blessed us with in our everyday life.  It is important to honor God with our gifts of time, relationships, work, play, and money.  We strive to use these gifts wisely, to never take for granted what we use, to honor God in the choices we make, and to make the world better by our choices.


Every choice we make in life should reflect our faith and witness.  When it comes to money, we need to use it wisely, carefully, and in way that is not selfish.  We also believe that giving grows out of a maturing faith.  That is why our stewardship campaigns are not focused on giving by guilt, but upon the grace of God.  We are invited to respond with the same level of joy and grace that has been given to us.  We believe in tithing, returning to God ten percent of what we have received, but no one is going to stand over your shoulder to see what percentage you give.  Your giving is a decision between you and God and we believe you need to be faithful as you listen to God's leading.


The finance committee reviews income and spending each month, reconciles accounts, and reports to the church council.   Giving statements are mailed throughout the year as well as a special quarterly newsletter for those who give. 


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You may now make contributions to the budget and other special funds by go to the home page and clicking, "Click Here for Online Giving" or use the link below.  This is a safe and secure site for making gifts using your credit card, debit card, or making an electronic funds transfer from your checking account.  If you have any questions please contact the church office for more information.

Click here to give online



Church Foundation

The leadership of FUMC took a bold step several years ago to create a Foundation that would benefit for the church for many years to come.  The concept was to create what is called, "The Third Generation Fund" which when it reached a corpus of $1 million dollars, the earnings above that corpus could be used for the maintenance and care of the church.  The Foundation Committee oversees the interests of the Foundation, receives requests and bequests, and works diligently for the Foundation.


Gifts can be made to the Foundation through your estate, gifts of real estate, stock or insurance, or memorials and cash gifts.  Once a year we have Foundation Sunday as we lift up this ministry that will enable the church to be a good steward for many years to come.  Please check with the church office for more information about giving to the Foundation.





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